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Wagner : Das Liebesverbot

Meiningen, Staatstheater, 2011 (Audio)

Director: Philippe Bach

  • Xu Chang (Claudio)
  • Dae Hee Shin (Luzio)
  • Rodrigo Porras Garulo (Antonio)
  • Maximilian Argmann (Angelo)
  • Bettine Kampp (Marianna)

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  •   Meiningen staaatstheater
    Meiningen staaatstheater
    Das Liebesverbot (The Ban on Love) is an early opera in two acts by Richard Wagner, with the libretto written by the composer after Shakespeare's Measure for Measure.
    Described as a grosse komische Oper, it was composed in 1834, and Wagner conducted the premiere in 1836 at Magdeburg. Poorly attended and with a lead singer who forgot the words and had to improvise, it was a resounding flop and its second performance had to be cancelled after a fist-fight between the prima donna's husband and a leading tenor broke out backstage before the curtain had even risen. It was never performed again in Wagner's lifetime.

    Restrained sexuality and erotics play an important role in Das Liebesverbot; themes that recur throughout much of Wagner's output, most notably in Tannhäuser, Die Walküre, and Tristan und Isolde. In each opera, the self-abandonment to love brings the lovers into mortal combat with the surrounding social order. In Das Liebesverbot, because it is a comedy, the outcome is a happy one: unrestrained sexuality wins as the orgiastic carnival of the entire population goes rioting on after curtain-fall.

    Wagner's second opera, and his first to be performed, has many signs of an early work: it is very long and straightforwardly inspired by Beethoven and especially Weber. It is also referred to as the forgotten comedy, in that only two of Wagner's works are comedies, the other being Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg

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