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Verdi : Aida

San Francisco, 1969 (Audio)

Director: Jean Perisson

  • Jon Vickers (Radames)
  • Ara Berberian (Ramfis)
  • James Farrar (Amonasro)
  • Ljiljana Molnar Talajic (Aida)
  • Margarita Lilova (Amneris)

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  •   Molnar Talajic
    Molnar Talajic
    Ljiljana Molnar Talajic was a Croatian soprano with a fascinating paradox of a girlish, feminine, and yet voluminous, at times edgy tone. This produces a quality that keeps me listening, not to mention her interpretation. Her fff delivery is balls-out! She was often the “B” cast, or replacement (ie: for Leontyne and Dame Gwyneth).

    In his book chronicling the SF Opera, Arthur Bloomfield notes: “(She) was more like the sonic equivalent of a calm moonlit sea on a cold northern night. The transparency and ‘weightlessness’ of her bright-timbred tone reminded a bit of Milanov.” In their Caballé biography, authors Pullen and Taylor wrote that her “principal achievement was to make Montserrat seem both tall and slim.”

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