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Rossini : Adelaide di Borgogna

2006 (Audio)

Director: Giuliano Carella

  • Jennifer Larmore
  • Mirco Palazzi
  • Majella Cullagh
  • Bruce Ford
  • Rebecca Bottonew

  •   Majella Cullagh
    Majella Cullagh
    The action is based on real historical persons and events of Italian history in 10th centuary. Adelaide is widow of Italian king Lottario, who is murdered by Berengario. Berengario tries to force Adelaide to marry his son Adelberto to legitimise his claim to the throne. Adelaide resists and calls for help to Otto II, Ottone in opera, German king. He arrives to rescue her, falls in love and marries her, but not before falling into various traps provided by Berengario and Adelbrando. Historically Otto II then unites Germany and Italy under one crown, thanks to Adelaide, and is crowned the Holy Roman Emperor, but that is after the opera ends.
    The plot is very solid, with characters who speak and act as real people.

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