Massenet : Ariane

2007 (Audio)

Director: Laurent Campellone

  • Cecile Perrin (Ariane)
  • Barbara Ducret (Phedre)
  • Anne Pareuil (Persephone)
  • Florence Vinit (Eunoe)
  • Patricia Schnell (Chromis)

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  •   Cecile Perrin
    Cecile Perrin
    Although not a proper sequel, as Ariane dies in both pieces, Massenet's later opera, Bacchus is a companion to Ariane, containing a number of common characters and the same librettist.
    Ariane has never maintained popularity and belongs to Massenet's later works that were considered outmoded for their date of composition. The piece did, however, inspire this quote from the great French composer Gabriel Fauré: "Ariane, a noble, great and moving work..."
    The opera was performed during Massenet's life-time, then was dropped from the repertoire, receiving only limited revivals in 1937 (February 21 and August 27, 1937) at the Paris Opéra.

    Recently it has received performances in a new production at the Massenet Festival in Saint-Étienne on November 9, 2007, directed by Jean-Louis Pichon, conducted by Laurent Campellone. As one critic noted, it is one of the most Wagnerian of Massenet's operas

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